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About us


We are descendants of the first inhabitants of this region, with more than 125 years of history in this paradise.


For generations we have called this little piece of land our home. We have survived and overcome endless challenges and obstacles, but we have clung to this paradise.


We have worked for years for a sustainable development, respectful of the nature, our culture and way of life. It has not been an easy task, the challenges have been and are many, but we will not rest because we believe that our people and their culture must be protected.


For many years we have shared Caribbean delicacies with many national and international visitors at the Tamara Restaurant and the delicious pastries prepared by a native of the area (Mirnas Bakery), likewise with culinary delights we have shared the oral history and anecdotes of the region.


With the desire to continue sharing our culture, we have decided to venture into the world of lodging with a Caribbean and African flavor.


Our small and renovated Hotel offers comfortable, beautiful, and cozy rooms and apartments, in a family atmosphere amid the greenery of this paradise in the South Caribbean, which makes this Hotel an ideal place to rest and enjoy the beautiful beaches located just 250 meters away.


Our beautiful pool invites our guests to relax after a day of adventure in the Jungle and on the beaches.


Please feel welcome.


“Those that accomplish great things, pay attention to the little ones.”
African Proverbs